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Water Dispensers

Primo manufactures the top-selling line of water dispensers in the United States. We offer both standard top-loading dispensers and stylish bottom-loading dispensers that provide hot and cold water at the touch of a button, and many have other advanced features. We also offer a variety of portable dispensers that are suitable for countertops, work areas, tailgating and so on.

  • Commercial version coolers available
  • Countertop units available


Bottom-Loading Dispensers


Bottom loading dispensers Our bottom-loading water dispensers have taken the water dispenser into the 21st century. A stylish addition to any home, a Primo bottom-loading water dispenser eliminates the need to lift and place the bottle, and offers even more innovative features for added convenience. Oh, and it looks great, too!

  • 601118: Hot & Cold w/ 03 Self Clean
  • 601001: Hot & Cold w/ Coffee Brewer
  • 601183: Hot & Cold w/ Single Serve KCUP
  • 900135: Black & Stainless

Hot, Cold & Room Temperature

* Countertop units available


Top-Loading Dispensers


Top Loading Dispenser

When people talk about "water cooler conversation", this is the kind of cooler they mean. But our top-loading water dispensers are a quantum leap from the classic office water cooler. They combine stylish looks with unmatched quality, and offer a variety of innovative features. All that, and our unmatched standard of excellence, are why Primo sells more water dispensers than anyone.

  • 900138: White
  • 900139: Stainless

Hot & Cold Temperature



* Commercial version coolers available


Portable Dispensers


Portable Dispenser

The office, the practice field, the church basement, the middle of nowhere - our portable water dispensers make pure, delicious Primo Water available anywhere. Easy to use, easy to transport and easy to clean, a Primo portable dispenser is a great way to eliminate the need for dozens of single use water bottles on trips or at get-togethers.

  • 900131: No electricity required

Available in White, White & Stainless, and Black & Stainless Hot & Cold Temperature