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Zero Waste Delivery

"Zero Waste" Is Not A Slogan - It's A Commitment

At Primo we take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and we are dedicated to reusing, recycling and reducing waste. When we say our bottles are "Zero Waste", we mean just that - they produce zero waste.


We Help You Be Environmentally Responsible

Here's how:

We sterilize and reuse each bottle up to 40 times. Once we are no longer able to use our bottles, the plastic is recycled to become other products, such as carpet fibers and other packaging materials. That's how we achieve Zero Waste and that's what makes Primo the responsible choice.


What Being "Zero Waste" Means

It means we keep single-use bottles out of landfills

In the last five years, we've kept over 370,000,000 (that's three hundred and seventy million!) single-use bottles (or about 65 million pounds of plastic) out of our nation's landfills.

It means we help save our natural resources

Plastic is made from oil, and by reusing and recycling our bottles and keeping our bottles and keeping single-use bottles from being thrown away, we lessen the need for oil to be used to create new bottles. By keeping 370,000,000+ single-use bottles out of our landfills, we've saved over 44,000+ barrels of oil (or more that 1.8 million gallons).